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What is Adventure? – Part One

I am an adventurer.

I have always walked to the top of the hill.

I have always said yes to , “Lets go”.

I have always smiled at strangers and wanted to meet them.

I have always pulled the unexpected fragrences of this world deep into my lungs.

I have always searched for the sights, sounds, and taste that leave me in wonder.

I have always welcomed the unknown, unpredictable and unfamiliar.

I am an adventurer.

I have been feeling introspective lately. My entire life I have defined myself as a traveler and an adventurer, but I’m wondering, “what is it that really defines my need to travel to go adventuring. How far do I have to wonder to be exploring this world.”

Is adventure defined by the journey or how you take the journey?

A Monk might argue that he can travel his entire life within the vastness of his own mind and never move from his chosen perch and that his path is an adventure.

A business traveler might travel to 300 cities a year and only understand the culture of Hilton Hotels and airports and never experience adventure.

Today, I don’t think adventure should be defined by movement, but instead by the reason you are moving. If your movement is inspired by curiosity and a search for the unknown and you are seeking out  new and surprising experiences you are an adventurer.

Yesterday something happened that has set off a tempest in the teapot of my mind. I woke up thru my camera in the car and without even talking to Charlene I started driving. I drove up I 95 without knowing where I was going or what I was looking for. At a rode called Mid Way out side of Fort Pierce Florida I turned West.

Only 10 miles from my front door just off the highway I found myself in rural Florida. The wide open country side was punctuated by exotic looking Brahma cattle, groves of orange trees and slow moving tractors plodding down the road. At the first opportunity I turned off the two lanes of pavement and feeling the surge of adventure drove down an unmarked gravel road. After only about a mile the road forked into two single lane dirt roads. Around me, the open fields had transformed into swampy flats dotted with flocks of hundreds of White Cattle Egrets. A little further down the road I spied a couple of the tall stately Sand Hill Cranes. I have seen dozens of these large cranes and they always leave me amazed.

Further down the little gravel track I rounded a corner and to my left a grassy field opened up. To my amazement a small heard of Kudu stood grazing in the tall grass only about a hundred feet in front of me. The Kudus were surrounded by dozens of African Antelope and as I pulled to a stop and climbed out of my car the Kudu gazed at me warily and the Antelope sprung into action and raced away. It was though I had been teleported to the plains of the African Savannah.

I drove a little further and found a small sign. I had wondered across one of Floridas Exotic Game Reserves. Who would have thought. After a dozen or so photos of scenes straight out of Africa, I was back on the road looking for my next home grown surprise.


Only a few hours later I pulled back into my driveway my adventure was over.

I had journeyed only a few miles from my home and found wonders that I never expected. I am learning. I am realizing that if you travel with curiosity and take the roads less traveled the joy of an adventure can be right around the corner or up that little gravel road you have never taken the time to explore.

Tomorrow maybe I should explore my own back yard.

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  1. Good article, I think the “adventure” is personal for all of us. Some need to get on a plane for their adventure, others happy to just drive down the unfamiliar roads and see what’s happening behind the next curve. Great insight Geezer?!!

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