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Vegas road trip to Zion National Park

If you’re just going to Vegas for the Strip and the gambling you’re missing a big part of this big county. Las Vegas is surrounded by National Parks. This trip we took off on Monday morning and put a few miles on our rental car driving up to Zion National Park.

The drive from Vegas to Zion is about two and a half hours thru the wide-open Desert of Southern Nevada. You go up Interstate 15 thru Mesquite and St. George and   follow the well-marked signs to Zion National Park.

During your drive you will go thru whimsical little towns like Rockville and Virgin that are little artist communities that are delightfully frozen in the past.

This huge dreamcatcher is in Rockville

In these little towns even the plant life is whimsical.

Having just turned 62 I had a secret motive for wanting to do this road trip. At 62 we Geezer’s qualify for a lifetime entrance into every National Park in America for a measly $10.

When you drive thru the park entrance give the Ranger your proof of maturity and the Ranger will charge you $10 for your admittance and give you your coveted life time card into every National Park in America. With your $10 lifetime membership you can get every one in your car into the park FREE! So even though Charlene is still a baby geezer she snuck in with me.

We have a lot of National Parks on our bucket list so I plan to wear this Government benefit out.

When you get to the park the Visitor’s Center is a good stop just to get an idea of what to see and where to go.

Zion is a park every one should try to make it to. The scenery is amazing and the towering canyon walls are ever changing as the sun paints multi colored shadows across the broad vistas.

If you go late in the year, after October you can drive thru the park. In the summer months you will be forced to catch a tour bus to drive thru the park. Another advantage of visiting the Park in the late fall is there will be no crowds. I spoke to a Ranger at the visitor’s center and he said the Park was packed this summer and said October thru December was the time to visit the Park.



The Park offers dozens of hiking options from all day hikes to half hour walks.


The Park has abundant wild life and is a nature lover’s paradise.

I loved these two tough old trees fighting to live in this rock filled landscape.

Charlene and I spent about four hours exploring the park and while I drove home she napped knowing that we had a late night once we got back to the city of lights, but that’s another blog and another Nevada Icon.

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