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Vacation Rentals by Choice

Need to rent an eleven bedroom mansion in Orlando or a vacation home in Maui? Check out the Vacation Rentals offered by Choice

One of the harder travel goals to fill is finding lodging for large groups of people. For years the classic stand by has been Vacation rentals by companies like VRBO and Airbnb. The problems with these sites are three fold. First, you are dealing with owners or small management companies which often don’t offer a full set of options for payment and can be difficult to communicate with. Second, because VRBO and airbnb are owner managed their product can sometimes be disappointing. Finally these lodging options offer no way to use or build reward points.

Enter the solution, Choice Hotels, Vacation Rental option. With Choice you rent your Vacation Rental thru Choice Hotels from management companies that have been vetted by Choice Hotels.

On the site as you search for your perfect Vacation Rental you will be using the easy to navigate Choice soft ware that is similar to the soft ware on the normal Choice Hotel site. Once you have found the unit you want you will then be linked to your units management company where you will be able to complete your booking. In the past when Charlene and I have use other Vacation Rental companies we have often been linked to the unit owners and because the owners only have limited resources we have had trouble with issues like: poor website quality,  limited payment options and poor communication. Choice appears to have resolved these types of problems by simplifying the search process and working with proven management companies instead of individual owners.

Because you are working thru the Choice web site there are thousands of Vacation Rentals available in an easy to search format with filters that will help identify just the unit for you. You will be able to easily filter the unit size you want and the location. Some of the most helpful filters are: “Pet Friendly”, “Wheelchair Accessible” and “Private Pool”.

The map to the left shows the States the rentals are available. As you can see the units are concentrated in high tourist areas such as Florida and Colorado. An amazing area that the map fails to identify is Hawaii. There are dozens of units available in Hawaii like the one I have listed in Maui below.

Choice Vacation Rentals will offer you the choice between Condos, Full Houses and Town Houses. If you’re organizing a family reunion and going to Walt Disney World and need an 8 bedroom home that sleeps 20 with a BBQ, and a private pool this site can find you the perfect Rental unit. To the left is an example of how powerful this Geezer Tool can be if you are looking for units that will sleep large groups.

The two units to the right in the Orlando area are $337 a night. If you are sleeping 10 couples that $33.70 a night for your base price. All the sudden those large family gatherings you have been dreaming of can be a reality. You also have the financial advantage of a full kitchen. 20 steaks grilled by the pool are a lot cheaper and more fun than a steak dinner.

A great advantage that Choice offers with it’s Vacation Rentals is 5 to 10 point Choice reward points for each dollar you spend on your rentals base price.

If you have a fist full of Choice Points you can pay for your Vacation Rental with Choice Points. The condo in Maui to the left will cost you just short of 57k points.

Charlene and I try to bring our 5 kids, 7 grand kids and everyone spouses together about once a year. It’s not unusual for us to be looking for lodging for 20 or more people. In the future one of the first sites I will check when lodging our hoard will be Choice Vacation Rentals.

One of the greatest gifts that travel can offer is the joy of family and friends coming together and bonding. Happy travels and when you have those steaks sizzling the all the kids and grand kids frolicking in the pool take a quick photo and send it to us and let us know about your experience with Choice Vacation Rentals.

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