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This Weeks Hottest Deals

Boston/Brussels $250 RT; Asia Cruise 10 Cities, 15 Days $1077; West Coast Cruise 3 days $129 and more Fast Deals!

Let’s start with a romantic 3 day Cruise on the Star Princess. Your Cruise starts at the San Pedro docks in Los Angeles and goes north for 3 nights ending up in Vancouver BC. The Cruise leaves on the 29th of November. The base price of the Cruise at is $129. The Star Princess is a 4.5 rated cruise liner but this trip should be a great getaway. The base cost is $129 for the 3 nights on the cruise ship, the tax are $55 each and the total for two passengers is $368. Don’t forget that you will also have ~ $75 tipping fee. You will get into Vancouver around 7:30 AM and there are flights back to LA for as little as $105 on Orbitz. You could spend a little more cash on some hidden extras like UBER, alcohol or an extra day in Vancouver but all in all you can sneak away for around $700 for three days, that’s a nice short Geezer deal.

If you’re ready to do a little European adventure, this is the shoulder season in Europe and a good time to travel. If you’re going to Europe the big cost is the hop across the Pond. Right now the three big European discounters are flying from the United States to certain European destinations for less then $400 RT in economy all most every day from dozens of destinations. In this article we are show casing the Boston to Brussels flight for $250 on WOW airlines but there are lots of great deals that will get you across the Atlantic. Once you are in Europe the discount airlines have dropped the intercontinental flights down to the point where a flight between many destinations may cost less than the UBER from the airport to your timeshare or hotel. Our article on “Cherry Picking ” will help you find these amazing deals.

Cruises in Asia that are reasonable are rare. The Sapphire Princess is offering a 15 day cruise from Singapore to 9 destinations and then back to Singapore. This Cruise departs from Singapore on December the 15th 2017 and will be a great way to explore South East Asia. The Base price for the Cruise is $1099 pp and the tax and fees is an additional $220 pp bringing the cost up to $2638.00 for two people for 15 days. That’s a little more than we usually like to see for these kinds of Cruises but when you consider the itinerary it’s a good deal. We checked flights Flights from LAX to Singapore and found that you could fly on Xaiman Airlines for $691 RT pp if you fly on December the 11th and return on the 31st. That would give you 3 days in Singapore. We have never flown Xaiman Airlines but on Skytrax it rated a solid 3 stars and the economy seats on their long haul flights offer a nice 32 inches of leg room. If you’re using air miles you’re probably looking at around 80,000  miles an economy RT  and 140,000 for a business class RT flight.

The trips above are great deals but when you’re home you still need good deals on entertainment and Charlene found a great entertainment deal the other day. We love going to the movies but the expense has gotten out of hand. It’s not uncommon to spend $25 just to get in to the show! If, like us, you think the cost of going to the movies is crazy we have a solution. The site movie offers a deal where for $9.95 a month you can watch a movie at the theater every day. In our area all of the movie theaters honor the deal. Heres how it works, after you sign up and become a member you will be charged $9.95 a month.  After you sign up you will receive a Movie-Pass card. When you want to go to a movie you go to the mobil app and choose the movie and theater. You then go to the theater you’ve chosen. When you are within 100 feet of the box office, open the App click “check in” and the App will tell you to pay for your movie. You will have received a credit card for the actual check in purchase–no charge to you it comes out of your monthly membership. The cashier will run your Movie-Pass card and you will get your movie ticket and can go to the movie without any cash transaction from you. This little program is slick because as far as the theater is concerned you are buying a ticket so you get all the perks of buying a ticket. We belong to the loyalty program at our favorite theater and each time we go to the movie we not only get in for our one time a month stipend, but we get loyalty points for both the ticket purchase and concessions. Free Coke and popcorn occasionally, YEA!

Disclosure: The opinions expressed in this article are shared our readers with the belief of the author that they are accurate but the author is unable to guarantee the offers expressed herein. supports the businesses mentioned above because they are businesses the author has found to be helpful in saving money while traveling. may get a commission for links on the blog. You don’t have to use our links, but we’re very grateful when you do. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or endorsed by our partners

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