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South American Cruise

This 40 day cruise from Seattle to Rio is offered by Holland America for $9078 for two passengers, that includes your base fare, taxes and fees.

Charlene and I have never traveled the West coast of South America so we have been looking for ways to explore this part of the world. Yesterday, I stumbled over this cruise and thought our readers might like it.

This cruise is amazing in that it docks in 12 countries and dozens of North and South American ports of call.

In the 40 day cruise there are only 15 sea days which means that the cruisers get to see an amazing array of North, Central and South American countries. In an unique part of the cruise the Zaandam cruises the Cape Horn giving it’s guests the rare opportunity to not only enjoy the West Coast of South America but also the South Eastern Coast.

The map on the right shows the Zaandam’s route. The cruise starts in Seattle on September 24th and arrives in Rio on November 3rd.

For individuals considering this cruise the good news is both Seattle and Rio are airlines hubs and offer great flight opportunities. American Airlines offers one way flights from Rio to the U.S. for 30,000 air miles. United offers one way flights from Rio to the U.S. for 30,000 air miles. Delta offers one way flights from Rio to the U.S. for 35,000 air miles. All of these flight offer great bang for your air miles.

Just a thought, If you paid for your cruise with your Chase Saphire Reserve card you would get triple Chase points for a grand total of almost 30,000 points,you could redeem those Chase Ultimate Reward points for 30,000 United Air miles and pay for one airline ticket home.

The base price of this cruise is $87 a day which is excellent for a cruise this long.This price includes a $275 on board credit with some of the cruise web sites. If you want to explore Latin America and not have to wash dishes for 40 days check out this super cruise and if you go let us know how it was. Happy Travels.

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