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Review of American’s Airbus A319 Aircraft

This week we flew one of American Airlines newer Airbus A319 aircraft from West Palm Beach up to Reagan International. This is the first time we have flown on an Airbus A319 and the experience was enjoyable enough that I thought the A319 deserved a review. The Airbus A319’s have been around for about 4 years and for some reason we just haven’t lucked out and got to fly on one.

American has been doing a good job of adding new aircraft to their fleet and the Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft are a big part of American’s fleet development. The Airbus products such as the A220 and the A219 are starting to appear as options in many of Americans routes. When you’re choosing flights if you can choose between one of the Air Bus products instead of some of the older fleet aircraft like the MD 80 go for the comfort of the A219 and A220

As we have mentioned in other posts American is our go to airlines because they offer so many flights in our area of Florida. That said, American has disappointed us for years. In the past older planes, short crowded seating and no entertainment have plagued our American Airlines domestic flights. I have to admit when we climbed on our A219 flight this week our expectations were low.

When you first get on the A319 you notice that it’s first class seating offers a narrow but roomy 2 – 2 seat configuration. We were flying coach but I have to admit for a short hop domestic flight the 8  First Class seats looked a little wider and more comfortable than the usual domestic seats American offers.

Moving to the back of the plane the seats in coach were great. Coach has a 3 – 3 configuration with a little wider aisle that allowed us to pull out carry on down the aisle. This slightly wider aisle has some simple but real advantages. Like I said, first, you can pull your carry-on bag down the aisle. Second, the added width makes moving in the aircraft easier. Finally, the wider aisle means less disturbance to everyone as passengers get up and move around during the flight.

The Coach seats were upholstered  with a comfortable, soft plush leather. The coach seats have a reasonable recline angle and offer enough leg room that allowed me to actually work, with a degree of comfort, on my laptop.

Our flight offered coach seats that had 31’ to 34’ of leg room and easy access to a power supplies offering a 110 outlet and also an USB connection. I could actually plug-in my phone and computer and get some work done.

My next surprise was that the flight was equipped with free gogo Wi-Fi inflight entertainment (so much for me working). The gogo entertainment was free but there was a pretty hefty charge if you wanted an Internet connection.

Using my laptop, in a matter of seconds, I was hooked into the free entertainment and enjoying the new Frankenstein movie. The entertainment system is set up so you get a wide variety of movies and TV shows that you stream from the gogo app into any Wi-Fi device.

In conclusion, the American Airlines Airbus A319’s offer comfortable coach seating, access to power and free entertainment. That’s all this Geezer expects on a two-hour domestic flight.

I have to give American Airlines a big “high five”, Charlene and I agree the Airbus A319 offers a great short hop experience and is a vast improvement over the older American Airlines products we have experienced in the past. In the future as we book flights we will be looking for the flights offering the new Airbus A319 product because this aircrafts amenities are worth a few extra bucks.

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