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Repositioning Cruises


Cruise ship travel is one of the tools any serious Geezer needs to master. If you like to relax and have a crew of hundreds make your bed, feed you and entertain you cruising is a great part of any travel plan.

Like any other tool in your Geezer toolbox you need to master the Cruise Ship tool to get the most bang out of your buck.

Over the years I have learned that cruising can be a good alternative to flying for long haul trips like Europe and Asia. Charlene and I will often fly one way to Europe and cruise back or cruise to Europe and fly back.

The cruise ship fleets are moved from the Caribbean to Europe in March and April and come back to the Caribbean in the fall. Because the repositioning of the fleet entails a lot of time on the open ocean these cruises are often heavily discounted. It is common to find a repositioning cruise for less then $50 dollars a day per person. Most of the repositioning cruises to or from Europe last around 15 days and many offer stops in Europe and the Caribbean. Below is a list of repositioning cruses I found on my go to web site that were available on January 5, 2017. As you can see these cruises are available going to and from Europe for as little as $45 a night.


When you choose a cruise you are interested in you can click the FastDeal # to get specifics. Many of these cruises offer specials that can include alcohol packages, tip, internet and other promotions.


The specifics will all so set out the itinerary for the cruise including dates and scheduled stops. This cruise would offer a stop in Barcelona, Madeira and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

So let’s look at this travel tool as a Geezer traveler. For 15 days my travel budget is around $100 a day ($50 x 2) for Charlene and me. That will include food, lodging, entertainment and transportation to a few European cities and a few Caribbean islands. By cruising from Europe to Florida I will save the travel assets I would use flying from Europe back to the States. In reality it’s very hard to fly from Europe to the United States one way without spending around $350 in travel assets (air miles have value) each. If a repositioning cruise cost Charlene and I $1500 for 15 days when I subtract out the cost of getting our bodies from Europe to the United States the real cost of the Cruise is around $800 ($53 a day) for the two of us. That’s a bargain.

If you look you will find repositioning cruises that connect from the United States to Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

As I mentioned above an excellent and easy web site I recommend for discount cruises is often offer the best deals you can find and will allow you to search for “repositioning “ cruises and sort those cruises by the cost per day. If you belong to a warehouse food store such as BJ’s or Costco you can sometimes find deeper discounts because these stores sometimes offer special benefits and store gift cards to members that use their travel site.

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