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One-Way Or Round-trip?

As retired, travelers we have the unique ability to take advantage of the best travel discounts. We are more flexible about when we fly and how long we are gone. We also are flexible about where we go. As Geezers we enjoy the ability to fashion our trips around some of the deeply discounted travel deals that people with responsibilities can only dream of.

For years I have recommended that people look at and take advantage of one way flights. There is a belief that round trip tickets are cheaper because for years the airline industry has subsidised round trip flying making it cheaper to fly round trip than two separate one-way legs. The difference between two one way flights and a round trip flight is defined as a “one way premium”.  In a recent study put out by the ARC (Airline Reporting Corp.), it was shown that and new trend is emerging. The trend shows that the “one way premium” pricing in select airline markets has dropped from $136 per trip in the first quarter of 2014 to only $2 per trip in the second quarter of 2017. What this means in Geezer terms is that the chance that you can save by finding two one way tickets instead of just buying a round trip ticket is more likely now than in 2014. This is really good Geezer news.

I think an example will help. Lets say,you want to fly from Miami to Denver and and stay for a week starting on the first of October. A quick review of Google Flights will reveal that the cheapest flight will be $220 for your trip. If you bought a round trip ticket the cheapest ticket would be with Frontier  and the cost would be $290. Google flights search engine includes combinations of one way flights so it has identified the $220 flight as two one-ways; one with Frontier to Denver and one with American back to Miami.

Because these flight are actually two one way flights they will have to be booked separately but you save $70.

I use my loyalty points for flights and many credit card loyalty sites like Chase Rewards won’t split flights like Google Flights does.  In order to get the best point value with chase I have to find the one way deals thru Google Flights and than go on Chase Rewards site and book the two one way flights that give me the most bang for my points. In this example I am able to fly from Miami to Denver and back for less than 15,000 Chase Reward points.


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