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Icelandair Review

This week Charlene and I took our first trip on Icelandair. Like a lot of discount carriers out there that are offering reasonable flights to Europe, as a consumer, my expectations when I climbed on board our Icelandair Boeing 757 were some what limited.  When you pay less than $480  per person for a summer flight to Europe you plan on a little discomfort for the deal. Not so with Icelandair, to Charlene and my surprise the aircraft, the crew and the service were excellent.

We wanted this trip to be special because we are taking Alyssia, our number 3 grandchild, to Europe and wanted her to have a great experience. Well, Icelandair did not let us down. Icelandair, for the price is an amazing airline product. The staff is as professional, well-trained and attentive as any I have seen in years. The planes are new, the seats are comfortable and the free entertainment included music, TV shows and top movies. The screen was also equipped with a USB port that would allow you to charge devices like cell phones and iPads.

Charlene and I talked it over and decided to take advantage of Icelander’s layover opportunity and stayed a full day in Iceland before we went on to Paris. This decision not only let us explore beautiful Iceland for a full day, but also broke the flight to Europe into two comfortable flights. The great thing about two flights was when we got to Paris we were ready to have a fun day with no jet lag.

Now back to Icelandair and the actual flight. When you go on board you are greeted by the friendly crew. I can’t begin to tell you how tired I am of flying with cabin crew’s that are on multi legged trips and even though they are great people are worn out. Icelandair only flies to the US and Europe with each flight passing thru Iceland’s Kelflavak airport. The flights to the U.S. have crew layovers in the States and the flights to Europe are shorter so the crew returns to Iceland each night. That means the cabin crews are always fresh. From the time you take off until the time you land the crew is cheerfully helpful and working. If you want an extra coffee not only is it not a problem but someone is right there to get it. I know this is a small point but when you are getting top-notch service in coach it does make a difference. In my book the service on Icelandair should get a good solid 5 stars.

If Charlene and I are flying a flight less than about 8 hours, because were cheap, we rarely fly anything but coach. So, unlike so many other bloggers, we can not tell you about the first and business product on Icelandair. I can tell you that the seats in coach are great, I had enough room to work on my laptop and actually was able to get a little sleep. The seats offered  ample legroom and little additions like head flaps, longer seats and free entertainment . Again, I know I’m nit-picking but being able t to stretch our, lay your head against a nice adjustable head rest and have a little more leg support while you watch a good movie is really nice.

I guess by now you’re starting to get the impression I like Icelandair. Well, you’re right I do. One of the Icelandair amenities I like is the free lay over that lets you spend up to a week in Iceland. The people of Iceland also have a new airport.

The airport in Iceland  is very modern and efficient. It offers a full array of shops and restaurants. Security and customs are courteous and efficient and the baggage claim system is state of the arts.

Now to the real deal this amazing flights  only cost us $450 per person which I was able to purchase with American Express points. Because I paid for the tickets with American Express points I got air miles for my flight with I applied to my Alaska Air Loyalty program.

I know this is a lot of talk but the message is, “if you’re a geezer traveler and want the full bang for your buck when you fly to Europe you should seriously look at the deals offers by Icelandair”.

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