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IAH Centurion Lounge

The American Express Centurion Lounge at Houston International is the land of Charlie.

When a friend found out we were flying out of IAH his only comment was, “find Charlie at the Centurion and order a Cozmo.

OK, were at the American Express Centurion Lounge and there he is Charlie.

“Two Cozmo’s please,” I say.

A big smile and action. Out of a back cooler comes a rounded bottle, cranberry, I think. A small white bottle, maybe simple sugar? The standard fare, you know things like Vodka and done.

Yes, an amazing Cozmo. Charlene needed a little more of the juice of the cranberry but amazing.

For your main course today at the Centurion was fried chicken and a full selection of veggies and fruit.

Food good, Kozmo great, Charlie one very great, friendly face in the world of airports.

The lounge is comfortable. No Massage, No manicure, but nice clean, quiet atmosphere.

Rule of thumb: Go see Charlie and get the Kozmo.

As always the Centurion Lounge in Houston is a step above and worth the 5 minute walk.

You will find the Houston Centurion on concourse C. Take the elevator located in the duty free store.

The Centurion Lounges are only available to American Express Platinum members and are one of the main reasons that any frequent flyer should consider the American Express Platinum card. Just a heads up free massages and manicures at the Centurion Lounges in Miami and Dallas.

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