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Getting Started Part 1 What’s This All About

Six months ago Charlene and I started this blog and yes I am finally writing what I am calling “Getting Started Part 1”. The reality is it has taken Char and I six months to decide who we are. I feel like a six year old who tells his grandfather he’s an astronaut. Yes, I think I know where we are going but it may change.

This whole blog has grown from our love of travel and years of being as cheap as possible so we can travel as much as possible.

Lets straighten something out right now: “cheap ain’t bad”. I could live in a sheep wagon and eat beans- (HA—as long as he can have “rack of lamb” and soft sheets!!) but Charlene likes fine wine 1000 count Egyptian cotton and Rack of Lamb. So when, during the time that you read and learn from this blog keep in mind any class is Charlene generated if I had my way you would read a lot of blogs about eating goat on the beach, but like many things Charlene balances me and in cheap will mean not “cheap” but as we have decided to describe it “reasonable”.

As we grow older two things break my heart. First, I hate to see friends that have worked their whole life and because they are on a fixed budget they honestly believe they can’t afford to travel. You did the work, you paid your dues and you deserve to live your dreams! There are concerts and food festivals that still need your attention

Second, I see friends that have worked hard their whole life built some wealth and when they travel they spend way too much money and never really enjoy or get a chance to understand the cultures they are visiting. To that group of friends both Charlene and I have to say, “break loose the fun is in the adventure!”

I guess an example may give you an idea of what is about. A taxi in Cabo might cost you $20. Seven taxies to and from a resort might cost my friend on a fixed income $280 dollars if he wants to go to town each day and enjoy himself. That’s too much money on his budget. My friend that has the money to ride the taxi every day can ride the taxi but lets face it, he’s riding 40 or 50 minutes a day looking at the same scenery and not getting a clue what the people are like that live and work in Cabo.

The Geezer solution to this little dilemma is to take the local bus for 60 cents a ride or $8.40 for the week. My friend on the budget can afford to climb on the bus and go all over at that price and my friend with the money for the taxi can meet dozens of the local bus riders. I love local bus rides, they are “cheap” and I am always amazed how wonderful the people are. Lets face it folks, the people on the bus are as fascinated by the gringos as we are with them.

One of my favorite stories about space exploration is how America spent millions developing a pen that would write in zero gravity and Russia sent its astronauts to space with pencils. is a pencil kind of a blog.

Charlene and I believe that every dollar you waste traveling is a dollar you could have gone a little further with, so we really believe that if you are responsible about your travel any one can live their dreams and if your approach your travel like an adventurer your travel will be far more rewarding.

Just today a stewardess on a flight we were taking asked me what all-inclusive resort I would recommend in the Caribbean. I said, “I won’t recommend an all in-inclusive and told her about some family owned hotels close to local restaurants that would offer all the benefits of an all-inclusive at half the cost and twice the adventuresome fun. Life is too short to be herded like cattle, Charlene and I honestly believe that stepping out of the high cost protected tourist traps and into the real world is the only way to travel and will always try to introduce our readers to the route less traveled.

Any endeavor has to make money and is no different. We will recommend motels, restaurants, travel destinations, airlines, train trips and credit cards that may give us some kind of financial benefit but we will never recommend anything that we have not tried and do not believe will enrich the lives of our readers.

In our blog we will talk about what we call “Geezer Tools”. These are travel assets like web sites, travel credit cards and travel loyalty programs that will significantly increase the travel opportunities our readers can enjoy. Every travel tool we talk about has it’s good and bad side and we try to give our readers the guidance they need to successfully use our “travel tools.” A travel web site is just information and you have to learn how to not waste your time and pull the best information out quickly. A travel credit card can build wealth in travel assets without any cost to the card holder but if you abuse the card and the credit offered it can be a nightmare. A travel loyalty program can give you benefits like upgraded rooms or free flights but if you don’t understand the program you can spend way too much money trying to reach loyalty goals.

I like to think of all the “Geezer Tools” we talk about as being like a chain saw. Used properly a chain saw can cut down acres of timber. Used improperly it can kill you. As you enjoy our blog we will work hard to show you the pit falls and hopefully as our readers you can learn from our years of travel and yes, our years of mistakes.

No media is worth your time if you don’t learn great tricks and are not entertained. It’s our hope we can teach you an art of cheap, “responsible” travel and also entertain you.

Never forget you can live your dream, life is about the adventure. We hope that every one that reads this blog walks away from our articles a little smarter and a little more ready to climb on the local bus and meet the people of the world.

Disclosure: The opinions expressed in this article are shared our readers with the belief of the author that they are accurate but the author is unable to guarantee the offers expressed herein. supports the businesses mentioned above because they are businesses the author has found to be helpful in saving money while traveling. may get a commission for links on the blog. You don’t have to use our links, but we’re very grateful when you do. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or endorsed by our partners

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