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Free Beer at LAX terminal 6

You fly into one of the biggest airports in the world, Los Angeles’ LAX and they send you to a no man’s land called, “Terminal Six” to catch your last flight. Terminal Six is so far off the grid you have to catch a shuttle to find it.

As we crossed to Terminal Six on our little shuttle bus concern flowed thru our minds. “Oh no, the LAX no man’s land. With a three-hour layover in LAX at Terminal Six the presence of a Lounge would make a big difference? The last time I had been sent to Terminal Six the amenities had been very limited. As our shuttle pulled up to Terminal Six and we tromped up the two flights of stairs to Terminal Six I had little hope for more then a late night hotdog and an eight-dollar beer while we sat in the crowded terminal.

Well weary travelers, never fear, Terminal Six at LAX is now civilized; the Alaska Airlines, “Board Room Lounge” has arrived. When you enter Terminal Six from your third world climb up the metal stairs take a left and head to gate 65. As you near gate 65 you will see signs to the “Alaska Board Room” and an elevator. Take the elevator up one floor to the “Board Room”. This small but wonderful gem offers the weary traveler fine, free, frosty beers on tap. Free soup, salad, well drinks, wine, comfortable seating and smoking fast Internet.


The Lounge is situated with comfortable lounge chairs and sofas and a view of the planes as they come and go from Terminal Six.

The Lounge is clean and well run and the employees from the front desk clerks to the bartender were friendly and helpful.

This stop was my first foray into the Alaska Airline’s Board Room Lounges. This made sense when I discovered that there are only five of these gems. Two of the Board Room Lounges are in Seattle, one in Portland, one in Anchorage and of course the one I’ve discovered in the lost land called Terminal Six at LAX.

If you want to get into these lounges you will need a Priority Pass, an AAdvantage Admiral Club membership, a Board Room Pass or have an Alaska Air first class ticket. Alaska Airlines partner’s like Quanta’s members can also gain entry as well as people with American Airlines “long haul international” tickets. The Alaska Board Room also offers day passes for $45 a person.

The Board Room Lounge has a concierge’s service that offers help with seat assignment and upgrades. The Lounge is open most days from 5am until midnight.

So as I type this blog, off to my right is cold freshly tapped Alaskan Amber Ale. I have Internet that is swifter then a heard of scared buffalo and my belly is full of hot chili, fresh garden salad and little cheese appetizers. LAX Terminal Six may be a no man’s land but with the “Board Room Lounge” all is well.

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