In every journey the first step is the hardest and as seniors I think those first steps even harder. Our decision to go on that trip, we have always dreamed of, is blocked by a thousand concerns. Can I afford the trip. What about the grand kids who will pick them up at school? What about terrorists? Will the water make me sick? Will the oranges rot on my tree if I’m gone to long! is about helping seniors realize their travel dreams and it would be foolish to not talk about the most common barrier to travel for the mature adventurer, which of course is FEAR. No one openly says, ” I don’t travel because I am afraid to travel”. Instead we create a million small arguments about why we can’t travel now. The trick is to figure out a way to overcome the million small arguments that are really just fear of leaving your comfort zone and going.

The best way I know of to pull the trigger and get going is to set a date. If your reading this and say “you know Tom and Charlene are right I have been doing to much dreaming and not enough traveling”, stop reading this silly thing and book y0ur flight. When you book the flight you will have set a date!

Another method of taking that first step is to let people know you want to go. A lot of us keep our dreams bottled up. If your reading this stop and look at your spouse and say, “Honey I want to go to …”. If Honey says, “your crazy,” you may have some work ahead of you but if Honey surprises you and says, ” sounds great,” you better make sure your passports still valid.

By now you may realize this article is a little pep talk. We want you to realize your travel dreams. We want to give you the tools to travel and we know how hard that first step is. Our articles about how to save money and fly for free are useless if our readers don’t take that first step and pull the trigger.

To help you make that first step our web site offers the FAST DEALS section. In FAST DEALS we will share ridiculously ┬ácheap deals we have found. When you see a FAST DEAL you like you can say, ” hey Honey here’s a cruise to Europe for $40 a day want to go?” If Honey says, “your crazy”, you may have some more work to do but if Honey says, “let’s go,” all you have to do is click the link and pull the trigger. We like to think of FAST DEALS as traps for reluctant travelers.

We will be scouring the web to find you as many FAST DEALS as possible so when you log on to be sure to check the FAST DEALS section and see what we’ve found. Also if you like the FAST DEALS we can email them to you when we find them. It’s our hope that at some point you”ll see a deal thats so sweet you’ll be able to forget about those oranges that will rot if you’re not home to pick them and pull the trigger