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Exploring Yellowknife – Part Two Yellowknife Road Trip

A road trip from Yellow knife offers two options. The road in and the road out.

On Monday we hopped into our rental car and headed West out of Yellowknife to see the Cameron Falls and a little scenery.

Cameron Falls is about a half mile off the Ingraham Trail  (Hwy#4). The falls have two hiking trails into it and the one we chose was about a half mile long on a very well groomed trail. The trail takes you to the Cameron Waterfall and a small suspension bridge in the Hidden Lakes Territorial Park. The waterfall overlooks a clear mountain lake that is surrounded by pine woods and granite rock outcroppings.

Our drive was on a good two lane paved road for about the first 45 KM and then about 5 KM of construction/ dirt road.

If you get to Yellowknife the drive to Cameron Falls is worth the time. Cameron Falls has it’s charm and the drive offers some great views of this lake dotted wilderness.

Some things to consider, although the drive is only 50 KM up and 50 KM back the speed limit is 70 KM so the whole road trip will take a good 3 hours minimum. Take water and food and if necessary a small bottle of wine to enjoy at the fall. There are no stores or gas stations or restaurants and no outlet malls on the way, treat this like a drive into the country. Mainly because, it is a drive into the wilds of Arctic Canada.

Although much of the scenery is amazing and all the wild flowers were in full bloom we were shocked by the minimum amount of wild life we saw. Even when we stopped and took short hikes on the abundant hiking trails the amount of wild life we encountered was minimal. No big game and very few birds or small critters like squirrels and chipmunks.

In our entire trip this absence of wild life was almost strange. No deer, no elk, no nothing. We honestly were hoping to see a lot of wildlife and after hours of driving and hiking our wildlife experience was zip, zero, nothing. Weird for such a big wide open country.

While eating breakfast one morning we did spot a chipmunk begging for leftovers so there is life.

One thing to consider in the Summer in Yellowknife is the bugs. A lot of bugs but nothing a little insect repellent didn’t rectify. Just make sure you take the insect repellent! One photo the didn’t come out was of a bright blue dragon fly that was about three inches long. He was a beautiful sight.

On Monday about all we accomplished was a aimless wonder around Yellowknife and our road trip. It was a nice relaxing day that was primarily punctuated the the absolute raw beauty of the Yellowknife area in the summer.

For dinner we followed the direction of about every local we talked to and went to the Bullock’s Bistro for an amazing fish dinner.


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