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Europe Flights are Plummeting

A quick search of Google Flights shows that flights from America to Europe are plummeting! With all the major carriers from the U.S. to Europe fighting over fares, we Geezers have the best prices we’ve seen to Europe in a long time. I searched Fort Lauderdale to Europe in September and found these flights: Norwegian Air to Barcelona  $376; American to Frankfurt $481; United to Amsterdam $514; British Airways to Munich $486; Air Canada to Dublin $565.

When you search the North East of the U.S. for flights to Europe the Airlines are getting even more aggressive. I searched Boston to Europe in September for two-week round trip flights and found that the discount carrier WOW is dominating much of that market with blow out prices like:  London $380; Amsterdam $380; Paris $410 and Frankfurt $440.

The good news is that the discount carriers like WOW are causing more standard airlines like American, British Air and Iberia to jump into the fray and compete. On the right is a quote from Google Flights on round – trip flights from Boston to Stockholm.  I don’t remember when I saw American and BA with flights to Europe from the U.S. for these prices. The highly discounted flights are sporadic and you have to be flexible on when you fly but the deals are definitely there for the Geezers willing to hunt them down.

This trend of discount economy seats to Europe is extending well into November which is amazing news for Geezers who want to take advantage of the heavily discounted repositioning cruises returning to the U.S. cruising grounds in October and November.

With dozens of inexpensive cruises coming out of Europe the combination of what appears to be an airline price war, a deflated Euro and last minute repositioning cruise deals will net some amazing Geezer Travel Adventures in October and November.

If you are not set up to get emails now would be a good time in the next week we will putting together FASTDEALS for flight and cruise combinations that will help our readers identify great deals on trips this fall.

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