In January of 2017 when Charlene and I decided to begin this travel blog it was a response to a huge amount of questions that we were fielding from friends and family. Since 2014 we have been traveling extensively and prior to that we were traveling about two month a year since the early 2000’s. When we would travel I loved to research our destinations on some of the more standard travel sites like and began to realize that just a few minutes of review on these great websites could give us the background we needed to enjoy the destinations we were visiting more fully.

When putting together this blog we had to decide what we could do to make our readers travels more enjoyable. The first realization is, as a couple we can’t compete with a travel giant like and we would be foolish to try. In our destination section what we hope to do that most other destination blogs don’t do is shared as many loop holes that are available to make these destinations financially possible. There are also some great advantages for seniors in many of these destinations that we will try to uncover. has a very simple mission we want to follow in our destination section and that is to increase the comfort level of seniors so they are willing to travel to more adventurous destination and to seek out financial advantages for seniors in these destinations that make these destination financially feasible.

One example that you will see a lot of in our FAST DEALS section, is the use of repositioning cruises as a part of long distance travel. A lot of seniors that we have talked to are hesitant to take long air flight just because of the discomfort caused by lengthy flights. A solution we recommend to this common barrier to overseas travel is the use of  the inexpensive repositioning cruises we showcase in our FAST DEAL section . By making one leg of your trip an inexpensive cruise many of our readers will be able to afford to return by air in business or first class so that the discomfort of flying is minimized. We also offer many articles of generation travel assets that make the use of first and business class tickets financially possible.

A second example of how is designed to help senior travelers is our destination advice on lodging. There is a hole in the travel blog industry. Almost every blogger you will find will be marketing one of two target groups. The first group are Blogs like Nomadic Matt (one of my favorites) which target the Youthful backpacker group, I’m past that part of my life and I think most of our readers are too. The second group of blogs are like One Mile at a Time this tremendously valuable website/blog  is full of information but designed more for business travelers who always  stay in 5 star motels usually on the companies nickel. is about seeking the adventure of travel but without the backpacking adventure or the 5 star motel luxury.

In short, we’re kind of a retired Joe sixpack travel junky support group. We believe in building travel assets so you can fly business class on long hauls, staying in clean 3 star motels as reasonably as possible and taking our hard earned retirement assets and stretching them as far as possible.

I have always loved the story about the very costly innovation by the American Space Program of the pen that would write in space. With we will always try to advise that you just take a pencil.

We don’t recommend costly tours we tell you how to catch the local bus. We are more likely to tell you which good restaurant’s are offering 40% off discounts then which restaurants are the “hip” place to go. As we move forward don’t hesitate to send us notes on what you want to see in our destination sections or to share common sense solutions you are finding that help you adventure around the world.

We have broken our destination sections into continents at this time but as time progresses and more articles are developed you should be able to search out destination stories by just typing in your destination in our “search” section. If an email every 3 or 4 times a week from our common sense based blog will be fun please fill out the request below and every time we have a new article we will share it with you.

Thanks for reading

Tom and Char

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