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Cherry Pickers

Crazy, WOW flights to Europe. Miami to Frankfurt in October for $260 RT. If you can Cherry Pick WOW’s deals there is lots of Europe for less than $300 RT.

One of the advantages of being retired is you can travel when ever you want for as long as you want. This means you can take advantage of rock bottom prices when you fly. Today I want to tell you about what I call, “cherry picking”.

About once a week, if were at home, I like to go to my favorite travel site, and run a search from Miami, which is our closest major international airport, to the various Continents we might like to visit. Below I’ve done a screen shot of a common search I’ll do.

What this search is asking for is a flight out of Miami to anywhere in Europe. The request is for a round trip flight that offers a two-week stay during the month of October. As you can see in the screen shot above the site will allow you to make this very broad search up to six months in advance and also allows you to set the timing of your trip from just a romantic weekend, a one week trip or a two-week trip.

Your search will generate a screen which will offer the cheapest round trip tickets with a two-week layover to 18 of the major cities in Europe. To the left is an example of six of the cities my search generated.

In a single search you have searched thousands of different combinations of possible flights and dates to find the best possible deals flying from Miami to Europe in October.

A cherry worth picking might be the Miami to Frankfurt round trip flight for $260. Lets face it were retired, we’ve never been to Frankfurt and this might be a very fun little adventure. After we find a flight like this we discuss if we would like to go and then explore lodging options and ground transportation like rental cars or trains. A reasonable round trip ticket like this can also be an excuse to find a near by cruise or visit friends. We use the very reasonable airfare as the base and if we can build a fun and inexpensive trip around the dates and location of the airfare we have trip worth taking and it’s time to put a stop on our mail and get the suit cases out of the closet.

If you tap the Frankfurt icon Flights will show you the specifics about your $260 flight. As you can see on the right the flight is from Miami to Frankfurt departing on October 12th and returning on October the 25th. The air lines is WOW which is a discount carrier based out of Iceland. As you can see the site also supplies you with some other carrier pricing and some motel offers.

Once you have found the flight you want if you tap on the price Google Flights will take you to the sites on the internet where you can make your purchase. In this example you could either book your flight directly with WOW or  use You might want to use because they offer Expedia points or use WOW for some reason but the good news is that gives you the option to use different vendors that are offering you flight for the discounted price.

I like cherry picking flights to various destinations using because some times Charlene and I just like to be spontaneous and let the prices decide when and where we go. Geezer Travel is a unique type of travel and the mystery of where the next reasonable adventure is hiding can sometimes be solved by a single random mouse click.

If you are ready for Europe here are some “Cherry Picker” deals on in October.


Boston to Paris $219

Boston to Amsterdam $250

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