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Carnival Stock Deal

If you own Carnival stock you can get up to $250 in extra on board credits with each cruise. Floating around in the world of travel there are some deals that are really interesting. The Carnival Stock Deal is one of those deals.

If you own 100 shares of Carnival stock you will get an on board credit because you are a Carnival stock holder! The on board credit ranges from $50 for a cruise of 6 days or less, $100 for cruises of 7 to 13 days  and a $250 credit for cruises lasting 14 days or longer. These Carnival stock bonuses are available with all of Carnivals subsidiary Cruise Lines. At this time Carnival Corp. owns 11 cruise line brands including huge lines like: Princess, Cunard, MSC, Holland America and Costa.

So if you buy 100 shares of Carnival stock heres how the on board credit works. When you book your cruise with any of the Carnival Corp. cruise lines you will have to request the “Carnival Stock On Board Credit”,  you will then need to supply your travel agent or the cruise line with proof of your stock ownership. Ownership can be proven with documents like your recent photocopy of stockholder proxycard, shares certificate, dividend tax voucher or current brokerage/nominee statement. When you send these documents black out your brokerage account number.

Right now Carnival stock is selling for around $66 a share and your 100 share investment will cost you around $6600. When Charlene and I bought our stock it was right at $48 a share. We don’t pretend to know anything about the stock market but our Carnival Corp stock seems to doing very well with out the on board credit benefit. Since we got our Carnival Stock in 2016 we have cruised 3 times on Carnival Corp. cruise lines and gotten a total of $400 in on board credits with no hassles.

If you are a regular cruiser this deal could net you hundreds of dollars a year.

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