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Big IHG Bonus

Your $95 IHG Chase Card’s annual fee can net you a $500 room every single year.

Anniversary free rooms are offered by a lot of Hotel reward programs but the best anniversary bonus may be the one offered by IHG. In the IHG program every year you will get a free nights stay. The beauty of the IHG free stay is that you can stay at any motel in the world that has a reward point value of 40,000 points or less.

One of the travel problems that Charlene and I struggle with is getting quality rooms downtown in big cities like, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney and Paris. As a rule Hotel rooms in these big cities can easily set you back $300 to $500 a night. For some one traveling on a budget that can be devastating.

In the past Charlene and I have been forced to stay miles away from the city centers and using mass transit to get to the city centers. The IHG anniversary free room is helping us to solve this problem.

One of our yearly trips is to New York City. We usually wait for a heavily discounted flight and then get a room in New Jersey and commute to Time Square to see a play. The rooms in New Jersey are about $100 and we usually will spend about $40 commuting back and forth. Our New York trip is usually a one night thing, we fly in on a morning flight, hang out down town all day and then get a nice dinner, go to a show and then the next day bum around down town and catch a late flight home. For us it’s the perfect New York fix. The problem is the New Jersey Hotels we are willing to pay for add about 4 hours of commuting to our stay.

This month on my IHG rewards site I got the notification that my free night was available. YEY!! When I saw the room my first thought was New Years in Time Square. My general belief was that there was no way I could get into a major hotel at Time Square on New Year’s Eve. I was dead wrong. December 31, 2018 available at the 5 star Intercontinental Time Square.

This is a New York night of a lifetime and it’s my anniversary gift from my Chase IHG credit card.

life is good.

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