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Once you start building travel points and miles one of the first web sites that you should look into is . AwardWallet is extremely helpful in keeping track of multiple award accounts. As an aggressive Travel Geezer, trying to travel for free, you will find that you will be taking on new loyalty programs and credit cards that have to be managed. AwardWallet is a web-based software program that allows you in input your loyalty programs and credit cards into a single spreadsheet based location that will monitor and help you keep track to all your travel assets on a single secure site.

Each program you belong to that generates loyalty or credit card points can be added into Award Wallet and held for future review. The designers of this amazing tool have integrated AwardWallet with over 600 award programs that allow the site to automatically interact with your award programs.

When you first go on AwardWallet you will have to input your basic information and the basic information about the award programs you belong to. It took me about an hour to download all of my personal information and the specific information for all of my different award programs.

When you begin the process of loading your award programs you will be taken to AwardWallets list of available programs. You will be able to search for your specific award programs from all the award programs that are in AwardWallet family. The award programs offered by AwardWallet not only cover the most common awards like credit card awards, hotel rewards, and airline rewards but also cover rewards such as dining rewards, shopping rewards and even website rewards from web sites like The site even keeps a running tally of my vouchers.

Once you select an awards program you will be taken to a screen that allows you input the information that is needed for AwardWallet of access your reward account. the program gives you the option of inputting your username and password with AwardWallet of simply leaving the information only on your computer. If you choose to place your security information with AwardWallet you will get the advantage of a weekly email report that will alert you to any changes in your award status. The email report will include information like increases and decreases in your point and mile portfolios, award expiration notices and new promotions that your award programs are initiating. These emails keep you on top of your award programs without getting feed back from each and every program.

With AwardWallet you will have  a one stop site that can give you access to any of your award programs without having to input usernames and passwords every time. The AwardWallet home page will list your awards. If you click on the name of your  award program AwardWallet will automatically link you to the site using the user name and password you originally set up. I love this aspect of AwardWallet because I can go to any of my award websites with a single click, this aspect of AwardWallet saves me loads of time in not having to input a user name and password but also saves me time I use to spend opening my various reward websites.

Because, AwardWallet does automatic updates of awards I know what my most recent award counts is and all my award numbers are on a single screen.

AwardWallet will also keep track additional benefits like accumulated  mile upgrades and vouchers.

When I was setting up AwardWallet I entered my American Airlines account and Award Wallet notified me that I had 8 – 500 mile upgrades. I had completely spaced my 8 upgrades out so right off the bat AwardWallet was doing a better job of keeping track of my travel assets then I do.

In my AwardWallet account I don’t just input the loyalty programs I have miles in, I also input the loyalty programs that I am likely to transfer points or miles into so I have an easy one stop place to go, if I have to retrieve a membership number when I am making a point or mile transfer.

I would recommend that any serious Travel Geezer check out the web site. In the future we will be talking about some of the other websites that will make your goal of Traveling like a Geezer as productive and easy as possible, please sign up for our emails and we will keep you in the loop.

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