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America’s Oldest Bar


On Bourbon Street in New Orleans sits a small corner bar, when you walk by you’ll look in and see a dozen old wooden tables, an ancient looking fireplace and small bottle covered back bar. The bar is called Laffite’s  Blacksmith Shop and when in New Orleans should be a must see location because it is touted to be the oldest bar in America. Like any business that has been around for hundreds of years Laffite’s has a few tricks that keep their doors open and make a visit to Laffite’s a fun addition to any New Orleans trip.

One fun service the owners of Lafitte’s offer is curb side service for the carriages that frequent Bourbon Street. The wise carnage drivers just pull up to the front of Lafitte’s and the diligent waitress comes out and gets a drink order from the thirsty carriage passengers. With a history that goes back far before the advent of the car you have to wonder how long this curb side service has been available.

One battle that has been raging in New Orleans for a very long time is the battle to be deemed the bar with the best Hurricane in the “Big Easy”. We haven’t tried all the Hurricane’s in New Orleans but after a long hard search we do have to admit that Lafitte’s rum concoction is first class. A fun addition to Lafitte’s Hurricane is a splash of 151 rum that they float on the top of these fantastic fruit cocktails.

Like many gin joints in the Big Easy Lafitte’s greatest asset my be it’s location. If it’s just a lazy Monday afternoon or a crazy eventing during one of the many festivals the people watching on Bourbon Street will be world class.

So if you get a chance, visit America’s oldest bar, soak up a little bit of it’s historic atmosphere, suck down a world famous Hurricane and enjoy the live entertainment that is the streets of New Orleans.

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