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Amazing Costa Reposition Cruise

Travel 14 countries in 24 days on this amazing Costa Cruise for only $57 dollars a day. The problem with most repositioning cruises is they only have a few destinations but Costa has turned the tables. On Costa’s November 28th repositioning cruise from Savona, Italy to Guadeloupe there will be stops in five European cities and 10 Caribbean islands.

There are very few cruises that offer the diversity of ports that this cruise offers which makes it stand out as not only an excellent bargain but also a trip rich in cultural experiences. In one trip you will not only be able to experience four Southern European cultures but also ten very diverse island cultures.

On the left is a screen shot taken from the page for this cruise. In order to see the 10 Island ports this cruise is offering you would have to take two or three of the standard 7 day Caribbean cruises being offered out of the U.S. and you would have to look long and hard to do those cruises for less than $57 a day.

To make sure you stay in budget on this trip don’t forget the hidden costs that all cruises have like the $12 dollar a day “tip fee” and the tax and fees that will be added to the base cost of $57 a day.

Part of Geezer Travel is putting your whole trip together using the set of Geezer tools that are available.

Charlene and I agree that we would start this trip by flying into Nice France. Savona doesn’t have an airport and although the closest airport is Genoa which is only 19Km away we love the French Riviera and Monaco so flying into Nice and seeing the coastal area between Nice and Savona would be our choice. The Nice airport is a short bus or train ride from the Savona cruise port.The train from Nice or Monaco to Savona is only around 25 Euro and the bus is about 10 euro.  One advantage of flying into Nice is that the flights will be cheaper because Norwegian offers discounted flights into Nice 3 days a week.

If you fly from JFK to Nice via Norwegian Air, the flight can be as inexpensive as $272. If You caught Flight DY7002 on November 26th you could spend the night in Nice and catch the train or bus to Savona giving you the morning on the 28th to drive thru the area called the French Riviera and visit Monaco and the famed seaside city of Monte Carlo which is well worth taking the time to see.

The Cruise is well set up and you will have plenty of time at each of the 16 stops to explore. Charlene and I aren’t big tour people and prefer to either find the local marina, catch a local bus or go for a long walk when exploring a new destination. We also do all of our WiFi business while on shore, many local bars and restaurants offer free WiFi so you don’t have to pay the crazy costs for WiFi the ship charges.

At the end of the cruise you will have to get home. Guadalupe can be a tough place to catch a flight out of the airport by the cruise port is Pointe-à-Pitre Airport or (PTP). This article is starting to look like a Norwiegen add but it’s just coincidence that Norwiegen also has weekly flights into Guadalupe. If you can spend a few days in Guadalupe you can fly back to the States for $176.

So to recap, you could be gone for almost a full month. You would explore 15 countries (don’t forget Monaco). You would be on a luxury liner for 14 days getting room and board and your big ticket items would be: Flight to Europe $273, Cruise $1382, Cruise tips $288, and flight back to the States $178. Thats the foundation of a very reasonable month of fantastic adventure. Never forget to budget for the hidden costs, that will also add up like motel rooms, meals when not on the ship and flights within the states.

If you have built up travel points and miles the price of this trip can drop even further. So don’t just sit there. With Geezer Travel and a little planning you can go see the World. To get our articles and find out how to travel like a Geezer please sign up below for our e-mail service.

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