Hi we’re Tom and Charlene and we are the authors of Geezer’s With Passports.

Since the first day we met 25 years ago we have shared a passion for travel. While we worked and raised kids that passion had to be fed by weekend escapes and those short two and three-week vacations that we planned all year and always ended up being too fast.

Looking back this blogs first glimmer of life took place at our kitchen table in Casper, Wyoming some 10 years ago. We were sitting with an old friend of Charlene’s, Penny Truby, and with the help of a couple of bottles of wine were talking about travel when our conversation drifted to Africa. Charlene and I had talked about going to Africa but the combination of getting the time off and the high cost of transportation made that dream seem impossible. As we talked Penny who was working as an IT specialist in India mentioned that in the last few years she had built up hundreds of thousands of air miles.  I pulled out my computer and logged into the site where Charlene and I had our timeshareS. I was surprised to see that the time shares in Southern Africa were heavily discounted and I had enough weeks to get six units in March.

Long story short in March of 2007 we were in Africa with Penny her friend George and seeds of Geezer’s With Passports had germinated


Our dream of traveling to Africa had been made possible by the combination of Penny’s air miles and our timeshares. Penny flew us to Africa round trip and we supplied the time shares we stayed in for the trip. Penny’s cost for flights and lodging in Africa for two weeks was zero dollars and our cost for the 4 weeks we stayed in Africa for lodging ad flights was just short of $1100 in timeshare fees.

When we returned to the states after that trip we were hooked. The gloves came off and every purchase we made went on our trusty American Express travel card. We both spent our hours working thru the internet and learning the trick of cheap and often free travel. We read every book we could find on discount travel.

In the blog you will see that we often talk about our Geezer toolbox. Like any discipline you need a set of skills and tools to travel, the Geezer toolbox is the set of travel tools that we have found that help us to travel extensively and in comfort on our middle class retirement.

If you think only the rich and powerful get to travel for months at a time to their dream destinations you’re wrong. With a little planning and a set of tools that is available to everyone great trips all over the world don’t have to be a dream they can be a reality.

Weather you’re dream is to spend a few weeks in Europe or a couple months in Asia working as volunteers, Geezer’s With Passports is designed to help you reach that goal.


Geezerswithpassports.com is designed for a very specific group of travelers. If your retired or nearing retirement you have a great advantage, flexibility. Flexibility means you can travel at the last-minute and you’re willing to put in the time to search out the best deals. To be a Geezer you need flexibility but also an “I’ll go anywhere!” attitude.

On our site we talk about “Geezer Travel”. Geezer Travel is not about guided tours and months of planning, it’s about keeping your bags packed and an adventurous attitude that says, “I’ve never been their, let’s go” when you find a fantastic deal.

Geezerswithpassports.com  is broken into four main areas.

The first area is the “TRAVEL BLOG”, the travel blog will be a place you can go to for articles written by us ranging from discussions of the best travel credit cards to what we’ve stumbled into or tips on how to travel with your grandkids if you take a few seconds and scan thru the blog titles you’ll see that the only thing they all have in common is travel.

The second part of the site is the “FAST DEALS” area of the site. Fast Deals is designed for our readers who really do have their bags packed and really don’t care where they go. It’s about last-minute deals like $15 a day repositioning cruises across the Atlantic or $149 one way tickets to Europe. Deals like this are available and we will do our best to find them for you but the simple fact is our Fast Deals section of the site is designed for those adventurous souls with their bags packed. Fast deals are short twitter like comments that are designed to help our readers get directly to the deals. The simple fact is many of the best deals are very last-minute and a Geezer with an adventurous, let’s go attitude reaps the most benefits.

Third part of the blog is the “DESTINATION” section. In the destination section we will share articles about specific destinations that we have enjoyed. You will find articles describing restaurants, airport lounges, top airlines to fly and even visa and vaccination  information. If we have been there we will try to forward all the information that we learned to help our readers enjoy a destination. Because, we want you to enjoy your adventures we will often give you links to areas in the world-wide web ranging from helpful government links to travel blogger links where you can read about other bloggers experiences in the destination you’re considering.

The last part of the site is the “GEEZER TRAVEL TOOLS” section. In the Geezer Travel Tools section we will talk in-depth about how to find, use and exploit the tools that will allow mature, financially responsible adventurers able to realize all their travel dreams. We talk in-depth about how to use travel credit cards to fly and stay at motels for free. We teach you how to use the web and where the best deals are hiding. We have articles on what to where and how to pick crazy things like international phone plans and the travel insurance. We have articles on how to make the dollars you spend on your adventures stretch further. Finally in this section we talk about the philosophy of Geezer Travel. We believe that NIKE got it right “you just need to DO IT” and we offer articles that we hope will help our readers not just to dream but to embrace and live those dreams.

It’s our hope that geezerswithpassports.com can become a part of your life that helps you realize your travel dreams and allows you to enjoy the enrichment of travel that we have enjoyed.