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A New RiNo

Denver’s River North, a district called RiNo is a gem worth exploring. Denver’s newest experiment in urban renewal is a kaleidoscope of youthful entrepreneurial imagination. In an area once known for empty warehouses and railroad frontage entrepreneurs are building and converting multi family condos and causing an immigration of prosperous young people from all over Denver to this new frontier.

Leading the charge in RiNo are an array of small brewpubs and bars. RiNo is a beer lovers paradise offering brew pubs on what seems like every block. If you enjoy unique brews get your taste buds ready for some of the most imaginative beers you’ve ever tasted. When is the last time you had a beer that was aged in a bourbon barrel? How about Barrel Aged Avarice a beer brewed by the River North Brewery a brewery in the RiNo district that brews over a dozen different beers. If you’re wondering RiNo don’t stop at just one brewery there are a lot of beers in a small area that will need your attention.


Our RiNo experience was the result of friends inviting us to one of the most imaginative bars I have ever been to. In the middle of the RiNo District is a bar called Finn’s Manor. The owners of Finn’s are not your normal bar owners. Their great concept starts with the actual building, the construction is your basic two by four construction augmented by corrugated metal and fiberglass that is painted in a hundred different bright colors and a little clear lacquer. Hey, it looks like a club house built by a band of fourteen year olds after a scavenger hunt. In short it’s a way different, way fun little bar. Finn’s offers what may be the broadest array of spirits, wine and beer I have seen in a long time.

Charlene and I opted for the house white wine. The bartender showed up with an Austrian White wine for $25 that was amazing! The next day Charlene and I were scouring the web for Weingu Stadt Krems a Kremstal Gruner Veltliner. Sounds fancy don’t it. Well let’s just say it’s like a very good slightly dry Sauvignon Blanc. Where did these guys find this stuff?

Their beer selection was vast and ranged from monk brewed French beers to local home brew. Our beer expert, said out of the 20 or so beers Finn’s offered the only beer he even recognized was a Stone IPA from California. If you like experimenting you will also check out Finn’s huge array of spirits again many that our little group had never seen before.

Another unique concept that Finn’s offered was a line up of Food trucks ranging from Thai to Fried Chicken Hoagies. Think about it. These guys own a bar that serves food and lets the food truck owners do all the food. Imaginative and also pretty smart.

Because we still had to drive back to Boulder our stay in RiNo consisted of only a few hours but I can assure you we will be back because this new district in Denver offers a real culinary adventure that could take weeks to fully explore.

The opinions expressed in this article are shared with the belief of the author that they are accurate but the author is unable to guarantee the offers expressed herein. at the time of the writing of this article receives no compensation from any of the businesses mentioned above the businesses mentioned above are listed because they are businesses the author has found to be helpful in saving money while traveling.


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