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50,000 Trails For FREE

If you love to walk AllTrails is the best app around and the basic app is FREE!

That’s right you just download the app and it is free of charge. When Charlene and I are traveling we love to just explore and AllTrails allows us to find walking tours in hundreds of cities and actual hiking trails all over the world

The basic app can go on your Android or Smart phone. The app will identify walking trails and tours all over the world. When you are reviewing a trail you will get a detailed map which can either be in a map form or a satellite photo of the area. The initial trail description will tell you how long the trail or tour is. It will describe the trail or tour as hard, moderate or easy. The app will give you GPS directions to the start of the trail or tour. Under “More” the app will allow you to send the trail information to a text link or e-mail address, I use this to let Charlene and the kids what I’m up to.

Also under “More” you will have the ability to put any trail or tour on your todo list and also keep track of the walks you have completed.

For each trail or tour the app will rate the hike or walk for interests like birding, historic walk, bike trail etc. The site is interactive so you will be able to see other AllTrails members reviews and look at their photos. The app also offers tips on various tours. For example in the tour list for Palais du Louvre to Cathedrale Notre-Dame a tour of down town Paris, the app under the category “tips” advised to get tickets to the Louvre before hand so you don’t have to wait in line.

One part of the app I “weather” and offers a 5 day forecast of the weather to expect during your time on the trail or tour.

As you have noticed if you’ve been following the blog for very long Charlene and I are not fans of organized tours. No that’s not quite right, we hate organized tours. They are expensive, crowded and take you at the tours pace, not your pace. The walking or biking tour aspect of this app will give you tours in every major and many minor destinations in the world.

When you take a cruise you can check each one of your destinations and discover walking tours and hikes in your cruise destinations. One of the most common destination in the Eastern Caribbean is St. Thomas. St. Thomas, its not our favorite island because it is crowded and there really isn’t anything fun to do, but with the AllTrails app we were able to find the Megen’s Bay Beach trail. Using the directions in the app we could catch a bus to the Megen’s Beach area and make the trail and Megen’s Beach the cornerstone of our day in St. Thomas.

This strategy would also work in most of the common cruise ship destinations around the world.

Do you want to see three or four routes up Kilimanjaro? AllTrails has them. Do you want a walking tour in Boston? AllTrails has dozens of ways to explore Boston. Are you in Phoenix and want to take a hike? AllTrails will give you options from easy to hard and from long to short.

The AllTrails app is an amazing travel tool. It gives it’s members the ability to discover walking trails and tours that fit their interests through out the world. You don’t have to wonder the streets of Marrakech or Boston or St. Thomas without a clue any more.

Also, let the reviews in AllTrails help you use the experiences of others to key you into where the best experiences are.

The more we play with this app the more we love it. The photo part of the app allows you to take photos along the trail or tour and then puts the photos in sequence so you have a photo history along your route and other people can see what you witnessed at each part of the route. In the screen shot to the right each red dot reflects a photo that Abu took during his bike tour in Marrakech. I couldn’t figure out how to do a screen shot with the photo but trust me if you were to hover over any to the red dots you would get a photo that Abu took during his trip. Thats cool for Abu but it’s also a good look at what to expect on the trail for someone who was considering taking the tour.

Using the photo aspect of the AllTrails app you could create a history of your travels that will allow you to document your trip not only chronologically but on a map. Thats kind of cool!

In closing the AllTrails app is free and for $99 you can get the AllTrails Pro version that will give you the advantage of having direct GPS interface with the app. That means when you are on the trail or tour you can see where you are in relation to the trail even when your phone is offline. Also with the Pro version you can print maps. Charlene and I haven’t purchased the Pro version yet, but if we do I’ll do a quick article on any of the fun toys in the Pro version.

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