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5 Great Discount Travel Deals

Here are five discount travel Fast Deals on flights, cruises and vacations that are great value for your travel dollar.

1) For our Florida based Geezer Travelers American Airlines has round- trip non-refundable basic economy flights from Miami to Chicago or Detroit for $48.40. For the rest of October American will offer this fare on 11 different departure dates. If you live in Miami and have family or friends in the Great Lakes area it’s a great time to go for a visit. American’s “basic economy is definitely a no frills deal with restrictions like: one item that fits under the seat (No access to overhead bin), Seats assigned at check-in, Not eligible for upgrades, No flight changes or refunds, Board in last group, but at that price it’s a steal.

2) For our North Eastern Geezers looking to get out of the country Norwegian Airlines is offering flights from Boston to Dublin for $250 on their web site. With Norwegian Airlines you will always be able to take a carry on and a personal item. If you time this trip for the fall the temperature should be in the 60’s just like a nice pint of Guinness.

3)For our Rocky Mountain Geezer friends Frontier Airlines is offering tons of flights for $25 check out their “online deals“, on their web site for one-way flights from Denver to Albuquerque, Vegas, Oklahoma City and Salt Lake. These flights have a ton of restrictions and you can only take a personal bag that will fit under the seat for free. These deals are available to members of Frontiers “Discount Den” which carries a $49 a year fee but you can realize these types of discounts all year long and apply your membership to as many as 6 people in your group.Frontier hubs out of Denver but the “Discount Den” membership might make sense for Geezers living in a lot of cities that offer numerous Frontier flights.

4) If you’re a West Coast Geezer look at this package deal. Air fare from LAX to Sydney and a room for 6 nights in Sydney for less then $1500. If you have Australia on your Geezer bucket list this offer thru may be your Fast Deal. Groupon is always a site worth checking if you want a reasonable getaway. To get this deal you will have to have your bags packed and ready to leave between 4/1/18 and 5/31/18. You can call the vendor Great Value Vacations at 800-495-4903 for pricing from other airports and specifics. Like many of the deals like this the offer is for double occupancy. I like this deals price but hate the idea of flying that far for only a six-day stay.

5) As I mentioned a few weeks ago its repositioning season and there are some great repositioning deals out there if you act fast. The price to the right is the base price + tax and fees for the Royal Caribbean reposition from Rome to San Juan as it is offered at This is sweet deal because the Tax and Fees are so low and the base price is only $33 a night per person when you book two guests using the 50% off second guest option . The cruise Sails from Civitavecchia on November the 16th with stops in Valencia, Lisbon and Ponta Delgada. One of the major problems with cruise web sites is they force you to call the salesmen in order to get the cost of the tax and fees, on you get these cost on the site which saves a lot of grief. With any cruise don’t forget about other hidden costs. On this cruise the big surprise will be the mandatory tip of about $12 a day per person. Even with the tip this is still a sweet deal with your total costs being around $99 a night for a couple (less than $50/pp). Let’s get real, it’s hard to take the one you love to dinner and a movie for $99!

So there are the Fast Deals for this week. Whether you fly to Chicago to tickle the grandkids or take that romantic transatlantic cruise the deals are real and the adventure is right outside your door.

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