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25 American Airlines Miles per Dollar Spent at has restaurant discounts for up to a 60% discount on restaurant coupons and if you use the American Airlines Shopping portal you will get 25 American miles for each dollar you spend at Here’s how it works.

First, go to and search for

Your search will take you to the deal that the shopping portal is offering if you make a purchase at As you can see below, there is a special running right now that raises the point bonus for each dollar of purchase from 12 points to 25 points. This is a great deal because each American Airline point is worth 1.7 cents so you will actually be getting about 42.5 cents worth of Air Miles for every dollar you spend. Thats a 42.5% discount on what ever you spend buying your certificates.

Next, hit the blue link and you will be taken to a page that gives you the full details of the promotion.

On that page you will be given the option to “Shop Now”. If you hit that link you will be linked directly to the home page. By linking thru the American Airlines Portal the Portal will monitor your purchases and automatically give you your 25 point bonus for every dollar you spend.

At the home page you will be allowed to identify the location you want to look for restaurants in by zip code or City and the search area also will let you choose a restaurant name or the type of cuisine you are looking for. in the screen shot below I am asking for a steak house in Orlando.

When you hit the “search” link you will be taken to restaurant that meet your search criteria. The restaurants that are offering discount coupons will be listed and the deals they are offering will be listed for you to review.

When I search Orlando steak houses (upper left hand corner in blue) there are nine restaurants that meet my search within 10 miles of Orlando.

The restaurant I am interested in is an amazing steak house called “A Land Remembered”. As you can see I opted for the $100 certificate which will cost me $40. That means when I actually buy our meal we will realize a $60 savings.

The page will show the restaurant’s rating, its address and also the minimum price you will need to spend in order to use your certificate. At ‘A Land Remembered’ the minimum you have to spend to use the $100 certificate is $200 which is about what Charlene and I will spend if we take friends out for dinner. The necessary minimum is stated under the green “Add to Cart” button. As a general rule all vendors will require a minimum purchase be made before they will honor your certificates, so before you buy a certificate take a look at the projected cost of your meal and see which certificate is the best buy for you. If it’s just Charlene and I we would get the $50 certificate because our overall bill at A Land Remembered for just the 2 of us would probably be a little over the $100 range.


If you hit the blue “Learn More” link you will be taken to the restaurants page which will give you important information like their menus, hours, photos of the restaurant, directions and a map to the restaurants location. You will also be able to read reviews and see what past customers have to say about your restaurant.

When you press “Add To Cart” you will be taken to the payment page, once you pay you can print your coupon and head to dinner. Your certificates will be stored on the site and you can access them when ever you want. They never expire and in the last 3 years we have never had any problems redeeming our coupons.

So in conclusion you get:

60% off the dining certificates;

25 American Airlines points for every dollar you spend;

We only spent $40 on our $100 A Land Remembered certificate and from that $40 purchase we will get 1000 American Airlines air miles that have a travel asset value of ~$17. So, when you do the final math the certificate that covers $100 of you restaurant bill only cost you about $23 ($40 cost of the certificate – the $17 value of the air mile bonus = $23)

With a deal like that, whether you’re 20 years old or 80 years old, you’ll be feeling like a Geezer!

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Happy Travels.

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